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I've got your back, your core, and your pelvic floor!


Hey, you!

Your body is amazing, and you deserve to do whatever physical you activity you desire, without pain.  

Whether you are new to exercise, are here because you are experiencing a pelvic floor dysfunction, are newly pregnant, or postpartum (no matter how many years, because postpartum is forever), you come with your own desires, needs, and goal.s. Because you are so unique, your exercise program should be as well.


If you are someone that wants to gain strength, live pain free, be able to hike or walk without becoming breathless, or be able to chase your children or grandchildren around for many years to come, you are in the right place.  We will work together to create a safe, effective program so that you meet your goals.  

If you are pregnant, I've got you too.  During pregnancy, our insides are completely moved around, our core isn't functioning as it once was, and our entire pelvic floor is drastically changing.  Other muscles step in to compensate for lost core strength, making these muscles tired, sore and overworked (seriously, we go through so much!).  Fast forward to postpartum, and your core is not firing or supporting your body, your hips are tight, your back is sore, and what happened to your glutes?  

Returning to exercise too soon before establishing proper core and pelvic floor strength will prevent you from achieving the results you want, can cause injury, or worse- prolapse.   

Whomever you are, and whatever your goals may be, again, my programs are safe, effective and will help you to gain function and strength.  I am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, with a certification in Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise and Lumbo Pelvic Foundations.  This is my speciality and my pleasure!  So let's do this!

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