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As an active, busy business owner, wife, Mama, etc., I understand that while setting health goals can be quite easy, following through with them is much more difficult!  Proper nutrition choices can easily become your last priority at the end of a long day when it is time to make dinner for your family.  However, when your cupboards and fridge are stocked with nutrient dense, real foods, you have the right mindset, and accountability, throwing together dinner can actually be easy.  I promise.  I can educate you on how to properly combine food to get the best vitamin and nutrient absorption, help you to understand what supplements you actually need (and the ones that you most likely don’t need to spend your money on), work with any sort of medical condition(s) you may have, while walking alongside you, as your coach, as you work towards achieving your longterm health goals. 

If you are at high-risk for developing a metabolic disease (diabetes, fatty liver disease, etc.), together we can develop a plan to take preventative measures via nutrition, herbs, and other complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) pathways.  If you are currently dealing with any sort of medical condition, we can develop a plan that includes nutrient-dense foods, herbs, and CAM protocols that will help you to manage your condition and feel healthy and strong. 

I also love working with postpartum women!  I know, firsthand, that nutrition during the postnatal period can be so confusing, especially if you are a nursing mother.  Often we wonder what could possibly be passed onto our baby through our breast milk, and what diet (if any) is safe?  It can also be incredibly difficult to put yourself first, find time for exercise, and set, and achieve, realistic health goals.  Let me help you to navigate this journey, and help you to safely lose any excess weight, regain energy, and even boost your mood through nutrition education and coaching. 

We all get stuck in old patterns and habits that hold us back from optimum health and wellness.  Sometimes, we just don't know where to start when it comes to turning a new leaf.  In my nutrition coaching practice, I combine education with motivational interviewing and mindset training to help get you "unstuck" and moving at a steady pace to meet your goals.  I use an app that will allow you to track your food, your weight, your mood, and get in touch with me anytime if you need some extra accountability!

I have my Master of Science in Nutrition, and am working towards Board Certification at this very moment.  This certification requires an abundance of clinical hours, research hours, and an exam.  Very soon I will hold these credentials.  I am also a Certified Dietary Supplement Professional, and can answer any questions you may have about whether a specific supplement is right for you.

Eating is supposed to be simple, yet it has become so complicated.  Regardless of where you are now, I am qualified and eager to help you meet your nutritional goals.

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