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Monica Mikolajczyk, M.S., CPT, CNC

Integral Health NC, LLC: A holistic approach to fitness and nutrition.

Well, hello!  Thanks for taking a moment to read about me - I will try to keep this as interesting as possible!

My journey into wellness started at a very young age, 14 to be exact, when I began to take an interested in foods that would support my extra-curricular cross country running.  This quickly spiraled out of control and morphed into disordered eating.  I was far too young to count calories or attempt restrictive eating (in fact it is my belief that restrictive eating does us no good at all), I needed nutrients and I became very deprived of them.  I struggled with this for over 10 years, until I found a way to create balance in my life in regard to fitness and nutrition.  

I have a B.S. in Social Work, and have spent years studying and working in the mental and behavioral health field.  This allows me to have a deep understanding of the psychology behind why we get stuck in patterns, or have difficulty sticking to change.

I have owned a cold-pressed, organic juice business on the island of Maui (that I started from the ground-up) in order to help people have access to important micronutrients that they weren't getting from their diet.  I worked with clients who wanted more energy, weight loss, had different ailments, and even disease and terminal illness.  It was in this field I learned there is a lack of education when it comes to real nutrition.

After I sold this business in 2017, I began graduate school at the American College of Healthcare Sciences.  I graduated, with honors, with my Master of Science in Nutrition.  It was at this time I also earned my personal training and nutrition coaching certification through NASM.  While I was pregnant, I studied under an amazing physical therapist and earned a specialization in pelvic floor and core training for pregnant and postpartum women.  

My passion is to help others create sustainable lifestyle changes, have a deeper understanding of nutrition and the best ways to serve their body through their diet.  I don't promote calorie counting, restricting calories, or any fad diets.  I don't do this because through my own personal experience and research, I have found these are not sustainable when it comes to lasting lifestyle change.

In regard to fitness, my goals are to help women live pain free and feel strong, and be able to function to their highest capacity.  Again, I have found there is a large gap when it comes to understanding the importance of the core and pelvic floor in relation to our body's overall function and strength. I am here to help close that gap!

My philosophy is to educate my clients when it comes to nutrition so they understand how to choose nutrient-dense option to get the most out of what they eat.  When it comes to coaching I use motivational interviewing, and focus on shifting the mindset of my clients to one of positivity, belief, and focus in regard to their goals.  I love to empower people to learn how to take control of their health and wellbeing, and feel at home in their body!

When I'm not researching or working in or on my business, I am probably chasing my 3-year-old daughter around, hiking with my family, enjoying some beach time, cooking, baking sourdough bread/pizza, reading, writing, or getting some r&r.

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