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Glutes = Reflection of the Pelvic Floor

Hey all, happy Saturday!

I've gotten a few new followers on my social media accounts, and several new subscribers to my website so I thought it was time for another post.

If you keep up with my posts on social media, you know I talk often about the glutes. Sure, I think doing 100 squats a day with the goal of attaining a nice, round tush is great. However, what is more important is that you tone those glutes (especially the glute max) for function!

All ya'll know my obsession with a healthy pelvic floor (and no this isn't gonna happen by doing kegals all day long), but do you know why? Well, the pelvic floor is the bottom of our core. Yes, that is correct. Our diaphragm, core, and pelvic floor do NOT and cannot work exclusively from one another. If one part of this system is weak or not functioning properly, then we will not have proper alignment or spinal and pelvic stability. Phew. You probably knew this, but our bodies operate on a kinetic chain (like a fine, tuned machine) and one kink in that chain will cause the whole system dysfunction.

Now, back to the glutes. Strong, functional glute muscles are a reflection of our pelvic floor strength and function. Let me repeat that, glute function is a mirror of pelvic floor function. So, what does it mean if our glutes aren't firing properly? Well, it most likely means that your pelvic floor can't do its job (supporting all of the organs within it, and helping to stabilize the pelvis and spine).

If you recently had a baby, or heck, even if you had a baby 10 years ago, if you didn't go through the proper steps to regain function in your diaphragm FIRST then you may have some dysfunction going on in your body, especially your glutes. This isn't your fault, it is the way our body natural compensates (and tries to keep itself from falling over) when our center of gravity begins to shift because of baby! Don't be too hard on yourself here, but you should definitely work to bring those glutes back to life.

If you follow me on IG or FB (@healthformamas) check out my posts from September 14th (first) and October 28th. Give yourself this simple glute test, and follow up with some easy ways to activate and strengthen your glutes. Remember, while aesthetics are nice, function is much more important. When we have proper function we create optimum strength, and we are able to live pain free.

Was this helpful? Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions! I am happy to provide answers, for free! If you are local you can book a one-on-one session, and if you are not we can do a zoom session.

Happy booties = happy bodies!

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